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French assessment tools for the Canadian context

Putting a reading skills test together necessitates the use of stories and other content that comes from the culture of the participants. If the cultural content lacks relevance, the test results can be misleading.

Network researchers Alain Desrochers and Pierre Cormier are finalizing a project to develop a standardized, multi-component test battery for the detailed assessment of reading skills among Canadian readers of French (aged 5 to 21) and in the process, are investigating the foundations of skilled reading in French. It will be the first battery of its kind developed in Canada for French-Canadians and other readers of French as a first language.

Already, special education teachers and speech/language pathologists in test schools are using the assessment tools to help children who speak French. They are returning invaluable feedback to Dr. Desrochers. Their comments have led him to complement the tool with new tests and make it easier to use in a school environment.

As a result, French-language children will have access to a more relevant literacy assessment in their own language, based on their culture. It will become the critical first step in identifying and treating reading disabilities.

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I was born with a hearing disability that no one has detected. If I don't get help early on, my speech and language development will be severely affected.

Early identification and treatment of biological impairments is critical to my cognitive and social development. My ability to learn speech and language depends on it.

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