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MRIs show how brain wiring can impact reading

What is the difference between the brain functions of children with high literacy development as compared to those with lower levels of development? Christian Beaulieu at the University of Alberta has found increasing evidence that some reading difficulties may have a neurological abnormality at the source. This Network researcher is an authority in the use of advanced MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology and is building on existing studies of how 'brain wiring' impacts reading.


This is the first study to analyze and compare the white matter in the brains of children who exhibit different reading levels.


Successful biological identification will guide early interventions.

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My reading disabilities were hard to identify because the tests were designed for English readers. They didn't reflect my cultural background.

It's only by asking the right questions that we can identify and treat my reading disabilities - and take steps to keep French as a first language vibrant and alive.

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