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TFR - Time Frequency Representation
Platform: Version: 0 1.47 Megs
License: Demo
TFR is our advanced, comprehensive system for speech/signal sampling, editing, spectral analysis, pitch and formant tracking, measurement, and processing, using multimedia Windows computers. The program lets you digitize signals with CD quality, and provides integrated playback, signal editing, analysis, display and measurement functions. TFR offers advanced time-frequency techniques for spectral analysis and lets you display the results of your analysis as interactive color or gray-scale spectrograms. The system includes efficient editors for signal segmentation, measurement and concatenation, the most accurate and robust methods for F0 estimation, formant tracking, and a wide range of utilities for signal processing and conditioning, including a digital filtering package. TFR runs on any multi-media PC under Windows 98, 95, NT, or 3.1x using your choice of Windows-compatible audio hardware.
Date: 2021-03-12
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Tipue - Javascript Search Engine
Platform: Version: 1.62 0.019 Megs
License: Free
Tipue is a free, open source JavaScript site search engine. It works with any browser that supports JavaScript 1.3 and at least partially supports the W3C DOM Level 1.
Date: 2020-10-26
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Tulip PHP Editor
Platform: Version: 0.6 8.63 Megs
License: Free
Tulip - A PHP-GTK based Code editor, a tool for coding PHP scripts, written using PHP as base language and Gtk as user interface. Tulip has features that make it a good choice to develop free software in a co-operative environment. Tulip has an interface that allows you to set up your projects, and deal with them in a distinct way through an intuitive file explorer tree. Tulip has CVS controls, making it possible to create, update and delete remote files seamlessly from a CVS server, allowing the programmer to manage several big projects with individual organization for each project. Tulip has also controls that lock work files, enhancing security in a networked development environment, avoiding another people to mistakingly change files you are working on. Regarding syntax, Tulip has auto-completion, syntax-highlighting and syntax hints, features provided through GtkScintilla library and configuration files containing all the syntax rules. Besides everything, Tulip has all popular features present in any other popular text editors, such as copy, cut, paste, search, go to, fast work file exchange, and others. Tulip brings an embedded Database navigator, in wich you may access your Database (Mysql or Postgres), make queries, edit or delete your records.
Date: 2020-10-26
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