SAILS promotes learning by focusing the child's attention on those aspects of speech sounds that are the basis for distinguishing the various speech sound categories.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Proven method, using multiple samples of naturally-occurring childhood speech errors

  • Integrated system permits more accurate assessment and faster, more effective treatment than with other approaches

  • Uses a video game approach that children love

  •  Comprehensive, with modules for many common error sounds

  •  Visual cues (from the lips and mouth) and undesirable acoustic cues (e.g. intonation) are eliminated

  • Automated response recording and feedback speeds learning and facilitates data collection and report preparation. 

Minimum Computer System Requirements (Windows)

IBM compatible PC (Pentium or equivalent processor, with 64 Mb RAM and at least 80 Mb disk space), Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 9*, with CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, Microsoft Windows compatible mouse, and suitable audio hardware.

Minimum Computer System Requirements (Macintosh)

Mac OSX or higher Operating System. 64 Mb RAM and at least 80 Mb disk space. A mouse, and suitable audio hardware.

Audio Hardware

SAILS works with any Windows-compliant multimedia sound card (e.g., Creative Laboratories Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent), as well as with the Tucker-Davis Technologies System II hardware ( Audio signals may be replayed via earphones or speakers (consult manufacturer of audio hardware for suitable selection).


SAILS is comprised of two options: Assessment and Treatment. Each of these options will allow the user to choose different sound modules to play.


Screen Shots


Login Screen and Details Menu


Assessment Option and Game


Treatment Option and Game


Speech Assessment and Interactive Learning System 2004


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