Software Development Group Proposal

Software Development Group

Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network
c/o The University of Western Ontario
Elborn College, 1201 Western Road
London, Ontario
N6G 1H1

Telephone: (519) 661-2111 ext 88995

Project leaders interested in obtaining services from the SDG in the next 12-24 months should fill out the information below. This on-line questionnaire will assist in properly allocation recourses of the SDG over the next year.

Each request for services from the SDG will be treated as an individual project within the SDG. It is possible that a given CLLRNet project may have several SDG projects.

Name:               Group/Project:               


1. Briefly describe the role you would like the SDG to take in your CLLRNet-approved project: [some examples include design, programming, provide a technical liaison, database...]

2. What are the deliverables of this proposed SDG project?

3. Are there projects within CLLRNet where the deliverables of this SDG project could be used or adapted?

4. Are there any groups outside of CLLRNet which might be interested in deliverables from this project (either in a commercial or non-commercial capacity)?

5. If applicable - What computing platform(s) and operating system(s) will the deliverables be designed to operate on? [this could include things like Windows95,MacOS, Dell Inspiron laptop, etc]

6.Please outline any work that has already been completed on this SDG project: [ie, if an existing program is being modified, what state it is in, has it been tested; are the tasks the SDG would perform dependent on previous work that has been completed, etc]

7. What is the current development state of the project? [ie. Completed, requires testing, requires design, reprogramming, additions to existing code, etc...]

8. Please describe any information that has yet to be collected before the project can begin, and a timeline for its collection. [this includes research that needs to be completed, data analysis, etc]

9. Outline an initial set of deadlines for your SDG project. [these include hard deadlines like a necessary completion date as well as any soft deadlines that may exist]

10. What are your criteria for success of this SDG project? [this could include things like a proof-of-concept model, commercial success, or other end-user expectations]