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     Steve Beaulac


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Steve Beaulac is a Software Engineering Designer at the National Center for Audiology located in Elborn college at the University of Western Ontario and has been with the center since November of 2001. He holds Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of Western Ontario and has also obtained a two year diploma in Computer Engineering Technology from Seneca College in North York Ontario. Steve has over ten years of Linux experience that includes designing, building and maintaining a commercial 40-node Beowulf Cluster for the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. He has also developed multiple commercial web applications including the web-mail system that was used as the primary student web mail application at the University of Western Ontario for two years. His past and current work involves designing many Interactive CDs and online courses. As a Software Engineering Designer, Steve is currently developing software (based on the DSL algorithm) to calibrate hearing aids for hearing aid manufacturers to use in their calibration devices.

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