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National Centre for Audiology
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About Me:


I play competitive soccer, hockey and football. I enjoy Role Playing Games (RPGs) and Strategy games. In my free time I enjoy working with my friend on our website at which is still under construction and not accessible on the WWW as of yet. We are also building our own RPG. I also enjoy reading Fantasy and SCI-FI books and watching movies of the same type.

Research Interest & Abilities:


I am a high school student at Banting SS and am fluent in HTML, PHP, Visual Basic and some Java. In school I am aiming at computer science and engineering and hope to get a job at a video game company doing animation (such as FMVs). I enjoy learning as much about computers as I can all the time and try to get involved in computer-related activities.

Activities & Projects:


My main project this summer is reconstructing using a different methodology called Fusebox. Fusebox provides a simple and very organized way of arranging large websites such as I also work on various other projects as they arise.