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Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network
c/o The University of Western Ontario
Elborn College, 1201 Western Road
London, Ontario
N6G 1H1

Telephone: (519) 661-2111 ext 88995


The Core Facility for Software Development and Support ("Software Development Group - SDG") exists to increase the efficiency with which software is developed and used across our network. Our mandate is to:

  • Increase the overall "pool'' of computer software available to support The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network work.
  • Improve the quality of software that is used in our network.
  • Reduce the overall costs of developing, maintaining and using software programs, for example, through code reuse and good communication among programming teams in different Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network.

The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network Software Development Group supports a small staff of experienced computer specialists who provide liaison with and serve as a resource for project-specific staff in Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network laboratories throughout the country. Our approach is based on success with similar software development groups in other organizations where a central development group has been able to enhance efficiency and productivity in a geographically diverse net work (e.g., National Center for Supercomputing Applications Software Development Group ( based at the University of Illinois.