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Products available in Programming Code / Libraries category.

Name: MinGWDate: 2021-03-13
Platform: Version: 2.0.0 12.525 Megs
License: Free
MinGW is a collection of freely available and freely distributable Windows specific header files and import libraries combined with GNU toolsets that allow one to produce native Windows programs that do not rely on any 3rd-party DLLs.
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Name: PHPDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 4.3.1 5.8 Megs
License: Free
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
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Name: wxWindowsDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 2.40 13 Megs
License: Free
wxWindows gives you a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms. Link with the appropriate library for your platform (Windows/Unix/Mac, others coming shortly) and compiler (almost any popular C++ compiler), and your application will adopt the look and feel appropriate to that platform. On top of great GUI functionality, wxWindows gives you: online help, network programming, streams, clipboard and drag and drop, multithreading, image loading and saving in a variety of popular formats, database support, HTML viewing and printing, and much much more.
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