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Products available in Multimedia category.

Name: AuthorwareDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 6.5 0 Megs
License: Order On-Line
Create everything from web-based tutorials to sophisticated simulations incorporating audio and video with Macromedia Authorware, the leading visual authoring software for e-learning. Develop content easily using a drag-and-drop interface along with powerful templates and wizards. Deliver your applications on the web, corporate networks or CD-ROM, and easily track student results and return on investment.
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Name: AutoPlay Media StudioDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 16.2 Megs
License: Free to try; $395.00 to buy
Create professional interactive CD-ROM AutoPlay and AutoRun menu systems, CD business cards, training systems, electronic brochures, software installers and full-featured multimedia applications using a visual design environment. Features drag and drop integration of graphics, text, MPEG video, MP3 audio, Macromedia Flash and embedded web browsers. With over 150 ready-to-use actions, you'll be able to add complex functionality to your projects without having to be an advanced programmer. Action categories include File Operations, Fonts, Internet, Registry, Shortcut Icons, Variables, Strings, Control Structures, ZIP Files, and many more. All actions are configured using simple fill-in-the-blanks forms. Other features include a variety of professionally designed quick-start project and page templates, transparent custom window shapes, page inheritance, an XML project file format, design environment COM automation with VBA style macros, project asset management, a visual distribution folder window, improved page and object management, anti-aliased text and new objects including list boxes, image captions, edit fields, web browsers, Macromedia Flash, Media Player and more.
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Name: FlashDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: MX 46 Megs
License: Free to try; $499.00 to buy
Already a powerful tool for creating rich Internet content, Flash has evolved into a robust environment for developing online advertising, electronic learning courses, user interfaces for enterprise applications, and multimedia content. In addition to animation and vector graphics tools, Flash now includes video support for MPEG, digital video, MOV, and AVI formats. You can edit, manipulate, and animate video objects or use scripting to make your videos interactive. You'll also find new graphic design capabilities such as Bezier curves, transformation tools, and pixel-level snap control.
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Name: Setup FactoryDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 9.52 Megs
License: Free to try; $395.00 to buy
Indigo Rose's Setup Factory makes it easy to build single-file professional software and data installers for distribution via Web, e-mail, FTP, CD-ROM, LAN, or diskette. It features an integrated suite of drag-and-drop actions, and improved variable handling and control structures such as IF, WHILE, and GOTO. Developers can now add sophisticated actions such as HTTP downloads, CGI Web form interaction, and Registry editing to their installations using a 'fill in the blanks' approach.

Setup Factory's Project Wizard assists developers by creating a working installation that can then be edited using the RAD environment. The new Windows Installer-style interface can be customized using Setup Factory's Dialog Gallery and is fully localizable into any language supported by Windows. Premade dialogs include static and scrollable text, input boxes, serial number validation, check boxes, file and folder browsing, and radio button layouts. Additional features important to developers include high-speed data compression, CRC-32 integrity checking, text string manipulation, silent installs, reports and logs, design-time constants, and full expression parsing.

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Name: Ulead VideoStudioDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 7.0 76.1 Megs
License: Free to try; $99.95 to buy
Ulead VideoStudio is a full-featured program with a broad range of tools designed for capturing, editing, and authoring video files. Ulead allows you to capture DVD-ready MPEG video from DV/D8/Hi8 camcorders, VCRs, PC cameras, and TV tuner cards. You have the option to split captured video scenes into separate files, and you can even scan your DV/D8 source material, select the parts you want, and batch-capture all clips at once. Ulead's editing features include built-in scene-to-scene transitions, 30 customizable filters, and motion paths for animating text.
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