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Products available in Audio category.

Name: CSRE - Computerized Speech Research EnvironmentDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 0.976 Megs
License: Demo
CSRE (pronounced "Caesar") is a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable speech processing system for the PC. CSRE supports data acquisition and playback, speech editing, analysis, and synthesis plus expeirment generation and control within an integrated system. CSRE is a DOS program, which runs on Windows 98/95/3.1x machines, using your choice of high-quality, widely-available audio hardware.
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Name: ECoS/Win - Experiment Generator & Controller for WindowsDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 2.48 Megs
License: Demo
ECoS/Win is a unique way to quickly set up and run listening tests on PCs without writing application programs. The system works on all multi-media PCs running Microsoft Windows 98, 95, NT, or 3.1x. Just by filling in a series of ECoS/Win forms, you can quickly specify which audio files you want to use and define the set of possible responses. ECoS/Win will then execute the test on your command, faithfully sequencing and timing your test, displaying response alternatives onscreen, presenting signals in the specified sequence, recording the listener's responses automatically and saving these to disk. To save even more time, the stimulus sets, block definitions, etc., can be imported and quickly edited to define subsequent listening experiments.
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Name: IVANS - Interactive Voice Analysis SystemDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 3.69 Megs
License: Demo
IVANS, our Interactive Voice ANalysis System, advances the state of the art for vocal function assessment. With IVANS, clinicians finally have access to the sophisticated objective, noninvasive, acoustic analytical techniques they have always needed. Analyzing vocal function has never been more accurate or more dependable. By combining our own expertise in developing spoken language software for clinical and research applications with the most recent developments in voice analysis and speech signal processing, we've created a system that is both comprehensive and efficient. And because IVANS is designed for use on today's multi-media PCs under Windows 98/95/NT/3.1x, this unique and powerful system is also highly affordable.
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Name: ProTrainDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 8.91 Megs
License: Demo
The Production Training System ProTrain, our system for speech production training, combines advanced, real-time analysis of speech and voice characteristics with fast, informative displays. Designed for use on today's multi-media PCs under Windows 98/NT, this unique and powerful system is also highly affordable. Now, every clinic can provide clients with effective articulation and speech production training, using highly sophisticated acoustic voice analysis techniques.
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Name: Sound Forge Studio 6.0Date: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 23.1 Megs
License: Demo
Sound Forge Studio includes much of the same award-winning technology found in Sound Forge, our professional digital audio editor. This streamlined version makes it easy to record, edit, and process audio using your PC. Record from a CD, microphone, LP, cassette, or musical instrument, and then edit your recording using a wide range of tools and effects. Liven up presentations, recordings, and music using over 30 digital audio effects and processes, including 1001 Sound Effects. Create your own "Best Of" audio CDs using track-at-once CD burning.
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Name: TFR - Time Frequency RepresentationDate: 2021-03-12
Platform: Version: 0 1.47 Megs
License: Demo
TFR is our advanced, comprehensive system for speech/signal sampling, editing, spectral analysis, pitch and formant tracking, measurement, and processing, using multimedia Windows computers. The program lets you digitize signals with CD quality, and provides integrated playback, signal editing, analysis, display and measurement functions. TFR offers advanced time-frequency techniques for spectral analysis and lets you display the results of your analysis as interactive color or gray-scale spectrograms. The system includes efficient editors for signal segmentation, measurement and concatenation, the most accurate and robust methods for F0 estimation, formant tracking, and a wide range of utilities for signal processing and conditioning, including a digital filtering package. TFR runs on any multi-media PC under Windows 98, 95, NT, or 3.1x using your choice of Windows-compatible audio hardware.
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