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Word for Mac
Platform: Version: 2001 0 Megs
License: Order On-Line
Each of the Office 2001 for Mac applications features an elegant new interface with a modern Macintosh look as well as seamless complatibility. The new release takes advantage of key Apple technologies such as QuickTime, as well as Mac OS innovations such as Navigation Services. At the same time, Office 2001 for Mac has increased interoperability with Office 2000 for Windows, the Mac OS and other applications for the Macintosh. This enhanced compatibility ensures seamless use of information within Office 2001 and beyond the suite.
Date: 2021-03-12
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Platform: Version: 2.40 13 Megs
License: Free
wxWindows gives you a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms. Link with the appropriate library for your platform (Windows/Unix/Mac, others coming shortly) and compiler (almost any popular C++ compiler), and your application will adopt the look and feel appropriate to that platform. On top of great GUI functionality, wxWindows gives you: online help, network programming, streams, clipboard and drag and drop, multithreading, image loading and saving in a variety of popular formats, database support, HTML viewing and printing, and much much more.
Date: 2021-03-12
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