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Does the Classroom Assist or Impede the Learning Process?
Location: University of Ottawa, 120 University Room 102
Time: 6:00 pm

Background Readings:
Click to view the "Does the Classroom Assist or Impede the Learning Process?" article.
Click to view the "Speech Intelligibility Test Results for Grades 1, 3 and 6 Children in Real Classrooms" article.

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Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council, Montreal Rd., Ottawa Adjunct professor, University of Ottawa, Audiology And Speech-Language Pathology Program

Most learning activities in classrooms are verbal and involve listening to speech. Even moderate levels of noise and poor room acoustics can impair children’s ability to understand clearly spoken words. In many everyday classroom situations, children will only understand a portion of the words that are spoken to them, even if they are clearly spoken simple words. The problem becomes more acute for younger children and others such as hearing impaired and second language listeners.

The talk will review the important aspects of classroom acoustics and our current knowledge of how conditions in classrooms affect children. New results from an ongoing Canadian Literacy and Language Research Network project will be presented along with analyses to estimate the effect of typical noise levels on children’s speech recognition scores during typical teaching activities. The talk will conclude by discussing recommendations for ideal classroom acoustics.

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