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Investigating At-Risk Factors for Early Literacy Development:
An Interdisciplinary Perspective

The lecture sites will be linked via teleconferencing, which will be coordinated from the University of Calgary.


Reading development and reading difficulties in second language students
Location: Queen's University, Kingston, ON
Time: 6:00 pm

Background Readings:
Geva, E. & Wade-Woolley, L. (2004). Issues in the assessment of reading
disability in second language children.
In I. Smythe, J. Everatt & R. Salter (Eds.), International Book of Dyslexia, pp. 195-206. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons.
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Abstract Many Canadian children are learning to read in a language that is not their native language and is not spoken in their homes. Educators, who have the challenging task of teaching these children to read in their second language, often wonder how to determine whether a child’s failure to progress in reading is a due to underlying reading difficulties, or to a simple lack of exposure to the new language. Attributing the proper cause for such failure to progress would naturally determine the course of intervention. In this talk, I will review some of the issues important for teachers to understand about reading development in second language, and how these are relevant for different L2 learning contexts (ESL, French immersion). Data from a recent study in French immersion primary students will be used as illustration.

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