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Ensuring Bright Futures

Too many young Canadians are failing to acquire the literacy skills they need to succeed. To raise the literacy level of our population, Canada needs to have a coherent, evidence-based National Strategy for Early Literacy.

A range of education, literacy and public interest organizations came together to lead the National Strategy for Early Literacy (NSEL) initiative, which was built on the expertise and administrative resources of the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (CLLRNet). CLLRNet is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation dedicated to improving the language, literacy, and numeracy skills of Canadians through developing evidence-based tools and resources for policymakers, practitioners, and parents.

Here you will find the National Strategy for Early Literacy report, which synthesizes key findings from 15 policy research papers (available on this site) and an extensive public consultation process (see the link to the blog site below). The report concludes with specific recommendations regarding how current policies and practices can be modified to improve literacy outcomes, and how these can be monitored publicly.

If you would like to comment on the National Strategy for Early Literacy please email us.


Report and Recommendations (in English)
Rapport et recommandations (en Fran├žais)
Summary Report (in English)
Rapport du sommaire (en Fran├žais)

Supporting Materials

NSEL Policy Research Papers
Public Consultation Blog Site

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