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The Early Years Conference 2008 - Valuing all Children

All children have the right to opportunities for realizing their full potential. Some children by nature of individual, family, or community circumstances are more vulnerable and will need extra support in achieving this. In order for these supports to be most effective, we must integrate our knowledge of the principles of child and family development with research and innovative practice. Special attention will be given to children in care and children with disabilities.

Conference objectives:

This conference will provide opportunities to learn about new research and evolving practice relating to: child care, developmental disabilities, parenting, child development, diversity, policy, children at risk, inclusion, professional challenges, children in care, infant & child mental health, transitions.

Who should attend:
This conference will be of interest to all those who work with young children and/or families.

When: January 31 - February 2, 2021
Where: Fairmont Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

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My reading disabilities were hard to identify because the tests were designed for English readers. They didn't reflect my cultural background.

It's only by asking the right questions that we can identify and treat my reading disabilities - and take steps to keep French as a first language vibrant and alive.

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