The Network publishes a variety of materials in print and/or pdf format. If you are interested in receiving a sample or in distributing some of these or other Network materials at an upcoming event, please submit your request to our Communications Officer at . Requests will be assessed based on membership priority and availability of materials.

Annual reports

Clarity magazine

  • The Network's external newsletter, published once per year. Clarity is available in pdf and recently re-released in a magazine format.

Dialogue internal newsletter

SNEws student newsletter

  • A newsletter for students, published by the Student Network Executive. Read the current issue.

Student Network Manual


  • The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network posters provide general information on The Network, language and literacy in Canada and early language and literacy development. Available in print only. (Note: We do not currently have copies available for mass distribution.)

Globe and Mail insert

Maclean's — Leaders and Dreamers issue

I don't have any books and nobody reads to me at home. I don't like school, except for recess. The longer I go without help, the more I will fall behind.

Effective reading instruction can overcome challenges at home. Early intervention and prevention are key.

We're creating solutions