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September 2004
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Dana leaving..

Dana's last day will be this Friday.. Any suggestions on what to do for a farewell party? ;)
Posted by: Mona


My new Site..

I was bored on the weekend so I decided to make my own Project Management System.. It is very simple but useful to my needs.. Check it out and tell me what you think?? http://mastermind.cllrnet.ca/~mona1980
Posted by: Mona



I am having problems installing the GD library support for php. I want to use jpgraph and it is not working at all. Keeps saying I don't have gd libraries installed. I did apt-get install php4-gd2 and it installed it. I did phpinfo() and it included it also.. Any help would be appreciated.. For those who actually check the blog.. :)
Posted by: Mona



It has become a tradition in the lab to order pizza and watch a movie.. Today we had 12 people and we ordered 7 mediums.. :roll: I know !! Craziness.. I would rather have had it from pizza pizza.. but there was a deal in pizza hut.. :roll: Anyways.. the recordings are done.. we need to normalize all the sounds!! All of them.. aah.. :( I won't do it. I am busy developing the structure of the game. The coding part and stuff.. so I am progressing at a steady speed. I wish the recordings were done earlier, but we don't live in a perfect world do we? Ahh.. :evil:
Posted by: Mona


Project Management System Assignment

Here is the link to the assignment that I gave out to the work studies. Steve you have to explain how the SVN and bugzilla is to be linked and works with the System.. Link Here!
Posted by: Mona


Lunch + Movie

We are planning a movie tomorrow. We are not sure yet what. We are also getting pizza. So please bring 5 dollars with you b4 11 am so we know how much pizza to get. Thanks everyone. :)
Posted by: Mona


AMD XP Athlon..

Got a new computer.. ;) Wicked.. :D
Posted by: Mona


Long weekend..

How was everyone's long weekend?? :)
Posted by: Mona


How's the cluster??

That machine is such a pain.. powerful but a pain!! So Golam you like the job.. Problems seem to arise more during the summer.. I like the new positioning of it.. I hope that solves some heat issues.. Anywho.. good night everyone.. Just hope everyone stays active in this place.. cuz I will be.. :D
Posted by: Mona


Fixed it.

I added the feature where you can see individual user's comments. It is not as sophisticated as the original.. but it shows the date, content, and who posted it.. So good enough eh? :D
Posted by: Mona



I am the admin, but I will be posting using my name.. ;) So how is everyone.. You like this design?
Posted by: Mona