Welcome to The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network Logo and Graphic Standards Guide. Click on the guidelines for easy-to-use standards. Sections include logo use and colours, typography, graphic elements, applications, themes and downloads.

We believe standardizing logo and graphic use is of primary importance to The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. It improves retention and recognition while reducing the cost of communication through consistency. As we all work to open minds by sharing the science, your attention to our graphic identity is also appreciated.

It is also important to note that all written, typed and printed references to the Network should use the full and proper name (The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network) for the first two mentions. After two mentions, ‘The Network’ will suffice as the identity. Acronyms (i.e. CLLRNet) should be avoided in all communications other than spoken (i.e. during presentations) where brevity and verbal pacing is required.