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Social, economic and program influences; families, schools and communities

Language and literacy occur in social and cultural contexts. Children live and learn in the context of a family, school and community. As such, research and interventions aimed at enhancing language and literacy skills must be sensitive to the needs and/or abilities of the individual child and social context in which the child resides.

The goal of Theme V is to better understand the contexts in which language and literacy occur and how to maximize the potential for children and their communities to become fluent and literate.

Theme Leader:  Eileen Wood

Theme Leader:  Teena Willoughby

Project Abstracts

  The Economic Value of Language Acquisition

  Enhancing Computer Literacy in Early Childhood

  A Family Literacy Approach to Improving Children's Literacy Levels

  A Systems View of Resource Access and Allocation Decisions in Families with Children who have Communication Delays

  Enhancing Reading Skills in Primary-grade Children from Low-income Homes through Teacher-Researchers-Home Collaboration

  The Contributions of Preschool Social Context to the Acquisition of Readingand Writing Skills

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