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Third Year Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantships

2004 Announcement

On behalf of its Highly Qualified Personnel Committee, the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is pleased to announce the winners of the2004 Third-Year Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantships. Each award is valued at $8000 ($6000 from the Network, $2000 from the Network Employer). Twenty-three job descriptions for positions with Network researchers were advertised on the Network web site ( Each of the ten successful students was assigned to one of these positions based primarily on - interest. Forty-five applications were received from highly qualified undergraduate students in Biology, Communications, Education, English, Health Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work, and Speech and Audiology. Three applications were received from students attending Maritime universities, thirteen from students at Quebec institutions, twenty-two from students at Ontario universities, four from Alberta students, and three from students in British Columbia.

Special thanks to the volunteer adjudicators for their invaluable help reviewing applications, and to Sonya Symons, HQPC-UGRA Coordinator:

Nancy Cohen Alexandra Gottardo Jacqui Specht
John Connolly Megan Hodge Laurel Trainor
Lily Dyson Marc Joanisse Natacha Trudeau
Jos Eggermont Sophie Parent Eileen Wood
Mary Ann Evans Sunita Shankar  
Esther Geva Linda Siegel  

Research Assistants will have the opportunity to:

The Third-Year Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantship program is one way in which the Network develops highly qualified personnel with interests, research and interdisciplinary networking skills in language and literacy to produce knowledge that is critical to Canada's productivity, economic growth, public policy and quality of life.

The 2004 Award Winners and their Network Supervisors

Research Assistant Network Employer
Marie-Elaine Bélanger
University of Ottawa
Dr. Janet Olds
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Dr. Robin Gaines
University of Ottawa
Ho-Young Chung
University of Victoria
Dr. Linda Siegel
University of British Columbia
Brooke Fletcher
Carleton University
Dr. Nancy J. Cohen
University of Toronto
Hincks-Dellcrest Institute
Kim Génier
University of Ottawa
Dr. Alain Desrochers
University of Ottawa
Deniz Gokceokan
McMaster University
Dr. Laurel J. Trainor
McMaster University
Julie Hachey
University of Waterloo
Dr. Kathleen Bloom
University of Waterloo
Kristen Hodges
University of Guelph
Dr. Sunita Shankar
University of Waterloo
Marilyn Plourde
Université Laval
Dr. Simon Grondin
Université Laval
Tiffany Pursoo
University of Guelph
Dr. Mary Ann Evans
University of Guelph
Pamela Seeds
Queen's University
Dr. Rosemary Tannock
The Hospital for Sick Children

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