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3rd Year Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantship


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network is offering ten $8000 Summer Research Assistantships for third-year undergraduates prior to beginning their fourth year of study. A third-year undergraduate is defined as someone who, in the fall of 2004, will be entering a) the fourth year of a four-year degree; or b) the fourth or fifth year of a five-year degree program such as education; or c) the second or third year of a three-year university (post-CEGEP) degree in Québec.

The Assistantships will provide students with the opportunity to work on language and literacy research projects, under the supervision of Network researchers. Students will be selected on the basis of the quality of their applications. As part of the application the student will propose to work with a Network researcher who has posted a position offer on the Network Summer Assistantship Web page ( The Network provides $6000 of the salary and the Supervisors contribute $2000 plus fringe benefits where required. This amount should permit relocation and travel, if appropriate. Students will work in a lab for four months (37.5 hours/week) (May-August 2004.) The salary will include a two-week paid holiday as well as paid statutory holidays. The total student award is $8000!

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