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Suppléments de bourses d'étudies supérieures


The Highly Qualified Personnel Committee is pleased to announce the 2002 Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, Post Graduate Scholarship Supplement Award Winners. Congratulations to the students and their graduate supervisors and Network collaborators, and thanks to the Network Researchers who volunteered as adjudicators.

K. Troy Harker K. Troy Harker (NSERC) is beginning his doctoral studies in the Cognitive/Clinical Neurosciences Unit of the Psychology Department at Dalhousie University. His supervisor is Dr. John Connolly. Troy has just completed a Master’s thesis at Lethbridge in which he investigated neurobehavioural relationships in spatial performance in rats. His doctoral research represents the development of his interests in plasticity in brain functions that mediates reading and speech processing in children with language impairments.
Bowen Hui Bowen Hui (NSERC) is beginning her doctoral studies in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Bowen’s past training at UBC included the development of technologies which aid perception and production of spoken English as a second language for Aboriginal and Asian language speakers. She has developed computer games to enhance children’s math and linguistic skills. This year Bowen will travel between Toronto and Waterloo to study with Dr. Eileen Wood (Wilfred Laurier University) and her research team who are identifying cognitive tasks embedded in educational software for preschool language learners.
John Pumford John M. Pumford (NSERC) completed a Master’s degree in Audiology at The University of Western Ontario. His thesis focused on adult hearing-instrument compression technology. After five years of experience, as a researcher and as a clinical audiologist with adult and pediatric patients, John is returning to graduate school to work with Dr. Richard Seewald in the development of amplification strategies for infants and preverbal children. During his doctoral training, John will travel to Ottawa to study with Dr. Andrée Durieux-Smith.
Juanita N. Turner Juanita N. Turner (NSERC) is beginning doctoral training in the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Susan Graham. Nita completed her Master’s degree in cognitive development with Dr. S. Hala. Her doctoral research reflects her growing interest in language development and, in particular, early word acquisition, and includes collaborative studies with Dr. C. Chambers.

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