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Postgraduate Scholarship Supplements


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network invites graduate students to apply for a scholarship supplement to advance their training in multidisciplinary research. The Network is composed of researchers dedicated to solving the problems of language and literacy deficiencies that can limit the social, academic, and economic opportunities of Canadian children. As a Network of Centres of Excellence we conduct research collaboratively using multidisciplinary and multisectorial strategies. We recognize that problems of language and literacy development have no single cause, and that research success depends on a network approach.

The Network is mandated to increase the number of highly qualified personnel in language and literacy research and practice. Toward this goal we provide support for supplementary multidisciplinary training to outstanding scholars who receive federal scholarships (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) for their graduate research. The purpose of the $5000 award is to fund students who engage in collaborative activities across laboratories, disciplines, private, and public sectors.

The Network encourages applications for proposed research training which bridges two or more of the Network's five Themes:

  1. Biological factors underlying the development of language and literacy skills
  2. Sensory processes and environmental factors that affect the development of language and literacy
  3. Language: auditory processing, oral skills, and delayed and disordered communication
  4. Literacy: exposure and training affecting reading, writing, and numeracy
  5. Social, economic and program influences

The Network also encourages student training in the areas of knowledge transfer and technology development by working with our Partners and Core Facilities.

Award Winners

Click here to see the 2002 award winners.

Click here to see the 2003 award winners.

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