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Alain Desrochers

Primary Affiliation:

University of Ottawa
Department of Psychology
125 University Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 6N5


Research Interests & Abilities (Keywords)

Major Research Activities

My research program is concerned with reading acquisition and expert reading. Lexical identification can be regarded as a fundamental operation in reading and be construed as the activation of the best match for an orthographic input in memory. This matching process, in turn, enables the retrieval of learned phonological, syntactic, semantic and other information that meets the requirement of particular reading tasks such as reading aloud, syllabic segmentation of print, differentiating between words and nonwords, lexical categorisation, and semantic interpretation. My current work is concerned with the acquisition and speeded retrieval of phonological, orthographic, syntactic, and semantic knowledge related to reading and with the interaction between these domains of knowledge.

Network Research Projects

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