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Development of a Multi-component Test Battery for the Assessment of French Reading Skills

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Project Leader
Desrochers, Alain   

The goals of the present project are a) to develop a standardized multi-component test battery for the detailed assessment of reading skills among Canadian readers of French from 5 to 21 years of age, and b) in the process, to investigate the foundations of skilled reading in French. The expected outcome of this project is to fill an important gap in the arsenal of assessment tools intended for Canadian readers of French and provide a solid and sophisticated multi-component test battery to practitioners (e.g. in the areas of education, language and communication pathology, neuropsychology) and to researchers who are interested in the analysis of basic reading processes or in the evaluation of reading education programs (e.g. in public schools or in French-immersion programs). Original empirical work on basic reading processes with native readers of French will contribute to strengthening the theoretical foundation of the test battery. Special attention will be paid to the commonalities and differences among reading patterns observed in different alphabetic languages.

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