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Early Identification and Intervention for Reading Difficulties using a Teacher and Classroom Based Model


Project Leader
Siegel, Linda   

Learning disabilities, that is, severe problems in reading, spelling, writing and/or arithmetic, in spite of average or above average intelligence, represent a significant problem for society. Homelessness, anti-social behaviour and adolescent suicide are consequence of undetected and unremediated learning disabilities. The purpose of this project is to develop an accurate and efficient system for identifying children at risk for reading difficulties before the problems become too severe. Once the children are identified, an intervention will be given to them. Teachers will be trained to identify these problems in young children in their first year of schooling (kindergarten) and to provide appropriate interventions to help develop the literacy skills of their students. This project has the potential of preventing or at least reducing learning difficulties in the area of literacy.

This project will allow us to learn more about the nature of learning disabilities and how they can be remediated. The reduction in the incidence of learning difficulties will help individual children lead more fulfilling lives, will save the educational system significant amounts of money, will prevent school dropout, and reduce the incidence of social problems.

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