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Facilitating Practice Change by Speech Language Pathologists: Phonological Disorders and Computer-Based Interventions


Project Leader
Warr-Leeper, Genese   

The opportunities for technically-assisted therapy are increasing rapidly, with several methods now available for use by speech-language pathologists when treating children with speech or language disorders. Some of these treatment tools have been shown to be very effective in laboratory studies, and these have the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of conventional treatment approaches. However, practice change is a complex process and Speech-language pathologists, clinicians, managers and policy makers, do not always consider the scientific evidence when choosing treatment approaches. As a result, new technologies are adapted very slowly in speech-language pathology practice, even when the weight of evidence encourages new approaches to treatment. The purpose of this project is to help speech-language pathologists integrate new technologies into their clinical practice and to evaluate both the process of introducing such new practices and the impact of new technologies on clinics and the services provided to clients.

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