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Core Facility - Computational Modeling


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Joanisse, Marc   

This project will establish a CLLRNet Core Facility that will facilitate the development of computational models of language and literacy development. The mission of this Core Facility is to increase the impact potential of CLLRNet by promoting and assisting in development and implementation of cognitive models of language and literacy skills. To this end, the Facility will establish a modeling research group that will develop computational models of language processes in conjunction with researchers throughout CLLRNet.By creating a centralized base of expertise, collaboration and hardware facilities, connectionist ('neural network') simulations of data pertaining to any project in the network can be developed. Dr. Marc Joanisse, a cognitive neuroscientist with extensive knowledge in both connectionist models and empirical research in language development, will head the project. It will include a network of high-performance computer workstations that can be accessed through the Internet to support modeling activities at any CLLRNet node. The modeling research group will collaborate with researchers throughout the network to facilitate the development and application of models to data from CLLRNet projects. Close collaboration will allow modeling projects to evolve in parallel with the empirical projects. This is a significant departure from and major improvement over the way that modeling has typically been undertaken at arms length from the actual empirical data.The project will also train researchers on the types of techniques necessary for developing connectionist simulations. This includes training graduate research assistants and postdoctoral fellows to develop simulations of cognitive processes.

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