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Funding and Renewal Information

The progress of each funded project is monitored on an on-going basis with an annual in-depth review. Each Project Leader provides a detailed research project report. The report follows the year's progress including major accomplishments, impediments to progress or change in direction, and a description of work planned for the next year, including the approach to be taken, a description of the research team including relevant partnerships, and a listing of specific project milestones.

A summary page of the information collected using The Network's MyProject reporting system is generated by the Administrative Centre and is appended to the Progress Report and Research Plan. The Network's Research Management Committee and External Scientific Advisory Board then review the compiled information from each research project to make the appropriate funding renewal recommendation(s) to The Network's Board of Directors.

The 2005 template will be available in the spring of 2004.

For questions, assistance or guidance, please contact Katy Pocock,

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