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Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network & Partners Launch Unique Literacy Tool to Child Care Professionals Nationwide

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TORONTO, April 30 /CNW/ - Researchers and partners with The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network are delighted to announce the launch of a new calendar that translates cutting-edge research findings on language and literacy development into fun, practical activities for child care professionals to use with children in their care.

"The calendar is part of an effort to foster the language and literacy development of preschoolers during their critical early years by mobilizing research findings in real-world settings," says Elaine Weitzman, Executive Director for The Hanen Centre in Toronto, one of the main partners in the calendar project. The team from The Hanen Centre, along with Network researcher, Luigi Girolametto of the University of Toronto and The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, launch the calendar on Friday, April 30, 2021 in Toronto, Ontario at a half-day seminar entitled, Helping young children learn language and literacy skills.

With Network researchers so directly involved, the historical statistical time frame of 10 to 15 years from research to practice has been cut to less than two years.

"The calendar facilitates the transfer of knowledge from the research arena to everyday classroom practices in record time," says Luigi Girolametto, one of the 10 researchers who contributed research findings to the calendar project. "Early childhood educators will use many of the research-based activities to enhance children's progress in language and language-based skills, such as peer interaction and early literacy."

The calendar project evolved from a research symposium sponsored by The Network in October 2002. Presented by Network partners, The Hanen Centre and University of Toronto, the symposium brought leading experts from Canada and the United States together to share the most up-to-date findings on how language and literacy development can best be supported in child care environments. The proceedings of the symposium were published by The Hanen Centre in partnership with The Network and University of Toronto, and set the stage for the development of this calendar that brings research to life - and to the frontline child care workers, clinicians and educators who have daily interaction with children.

The bilingual calendar presents the latest research information in a practical and colourful format that is easy to use in a child care centre, classroom, lunchroom, parent area or professional development workshop environment. Each month and week of the 16-month calendar (September 2004-December 2005) feature tips and techniques that child care professionals can implement immediately.

User groups are enthusiastic about the new tool. "This new calendar is a great resource for our early childhood educators because it will help our preschoolers to grow and develop and be better prepared for success in school and in life," says Susan Wray, Family Services Coordinator of the London Bridge Child Care Services in London, Ontario.

To receive a complimentary printed copy of this calendar, contact The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, or 519.850.2524. The current calendar is also available in an electronic format (personal, non-commercial use) from The Network's Web site (Resource focus area). Additional information is available from The Hanen Centre's Web site

Beginning in 2006 the calendar will only be available in electronic downloadable format from The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network Web site.

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network facilitated sponsorship and production of the calendar and is overseeing distribution with its many partners. The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network brings together leading scientists, clinicians, students and educators as well as public and private partners. Its mandate is to generate, integrate and disseminate bias-free scientific research and knowledge that is focused on improving and sustaining children's language and literacy development in Canada. The Network is made possible through funding from the Networks of Centres of Excellence Canada (NCE). The NCE program is a joint initiative of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Industry Canada.

For further information: please contact Jill Wright, Communications Officer, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, or (519) 850.2524

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