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Peter Gzowski Scholarship


Peter Gzowski loved language and was a strong and effective advocate for literacy. In 1986 he founded the "PGI Golf Tournaments for Literacy" whereby local communities in every province and territory across Canada organize golf tournaments to raise funds and awareness for the cause of literacy. To date over 7 million dollars has been raised through the PGIs to fund local literacy programs. Peter Gzowski had a strong affection for Frontier College because of its history of being founded more than 100 years ago by university students, its national scope, and its mission to teach people others do not teach in places others do not go - from logging camps in 1899 to children's reading circles and homework clubs in the inner city streets of today. He understood that literacy skills give everyone the opportunity to fully realize their potential in society, and to explore and enjoy every aspect of our culture and lives - from great books to great conversations, as exemplified at "Morningside".

Peter Gzowski also loved science and especially its application in solving complex, interdisciplinary problems. He featured innovative scientists and their discoveries on his CBC radio program "Some of the Best Minds," and illustrated the value of research in improving the quality of our lives. As a tribute to Peter Gzowski and his contributions to communication and literacy across our nation, and to stimulate research that reflects the needs and interests of community-based services, the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network announces a $25,000 scholarship to support Ph.D. dissertation research relevant to the goals and objectives of Frontier College.

Priority will be given to applications for dissertation research on the following topics:

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