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Simon Grondin

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Mr. Grondin pursued his doctoral studies at the University of Sherbrooke and at the UQAC (The University of Quebec in Chicoutimi), specializing in growth and development, motor skill development, and sport psychology. He pursued his career at Laurentian University (in Sudbury) where from 1988 to 1996 he taught perception, statistics and development. At Laval University he teaches the psychology of perception and the history of psychology. He is interested in psychological time, rhythm, attention, language, memory and sensory modalities. He is presently the Associate Editor of the Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne journal (2003-2006), selected Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/ Revue canadienne de psychologie experiementale (2006-2009), member of the national Research Grant Selection Committee at NSERC (2002-2005), interim scientific adviser (2004-2005) on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Psychological Association, member of the editing committee for the Perception and Psychophysics journal since 2000, and was Vice President (2001-2003) of the International Society for Psychophysics.

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