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Donald G. Jamieson

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My activities focus primarily on a) determining how research can inform policy and practice and b) reducing the gaps between what is known and how this knowledge is applied.

Some effort is also devoted to applications derived from my previous laboratory-based research program. Much of this work was undertaken with public and private sector partners and several methods have now been implemented in commercially available systems. To date, successful applications have been developed in five domains:

  1. Software tools to facilitate research on spoken language (CSRE® and TFR® for speech editing, analysis, & processing; ECoS® for experiment generation and control; IVANS for vocal function analysis);
  2. Software to improve assessment and treatment for children with a phonological / articulation disorder (ProTrain®; SAILS®);
  3. Software to accelerate spoken language acquisition and use by children who have a cochlear implant or wear hearing aids (DSL®; Listen-Hear®; the Oro/nasal system);
  4. Acoustically-based methods to assess voice/speech disorders (IVANS® and the Oro/nasal system); and
  5. Rehabilitation software for adults with acquired language and cognitive disorders (AphasiaMate®).

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