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Pierre Cormier

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1)Examining the cognitive foundations of learning to read in two languages

See Comeau et al. (1999). Journal of Educational Psychology, 91, 29-43.

Cormier & Kelson (2000). Scientific Studies of Reading, 4, 267-293.

Current project: examining in a multi-year longitudinal study the interplay between various phonological skills and markers of reading development in the two languages of English-speaking children in French immersion.

In collaboration with Debra Jared, of Western Ontario University, Betty Levy, of McMaster University, Esther Geva, of the University of Toronto (OISE), Alexandra Gottardo, of Wilfrid Laurier University, Lesly Wade-Woolley, of Queen's University.

Independent project: Examination of preschool skills essential to success in learning two languages in immersion classes.

2) Developing measures of reading achievement and reading related cognitive variables in French

See Cormier et al. (1995). Revue des Sciences de l'Éducation, 21, 223-240.

Current project: Develop a multi-componential test batttery of reading in French with Canadian norms.

In collaboration with Monique Sénéchal from Carleton University and Alain Desrochers from Ottawa University.

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