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Request for Proposals- Ontario Ministry of Education LOI Deadline August 15, 2021

The following is a Request for Proposals from the Ontario Ministry of Education:

We are interested in evaluation of the Early Reading and Early Math Strategies. We invite all interested researchers to send a letter indicating their intention to participate in the competition and their contact data, on or before August 15, 2021, to:

Early Reading and Early Math Strategies Evaluation
Policy and Program Branch,
Ontario Ministry of Education
900 Bay Street Toronto ON M7A 1L2

Or to submit it by fax (416) 325-2664.

If you have any questions please incorporate them into this letter.

We will respond to all enquiries issuing and disseminating an Addendum by August 22, 2003.

The deadline for submissions is September 12, 2021.
We believe this RFP will be of primary interest to education researchers, sociologists and allied fields.

For more detailed information click here.

Thank you.

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