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Student Network seeks Executive Committee Members

You may be aware that the Highly Qualified Personnel Committee (HQPC) of the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network has created an official Student Liaison position to implement the Terms of Reference and Organizational Structure of the Student Network, and to facilitate its growth and development. I have accepted this position and will guide the Student Network in a manner that allows students in all disciplines and levels of training to participate actively and effectively in the Network’s agenda. I want to underline the importance of the Student Network to the Network as a whole. The future success of research and practice directed at language and literacy deficiencies in Canada ultimately rests in your hands. I am writing to ask students with leadership qualities and experience in organizational work to join me now in volunteering their time, effort, and ideas to Student Network administration.

At the Annual Scientific Conference in Victoria in June, 2003, the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network will officially launch the 2003 Student Network. The launch and Student Network Meeting will include the election by all students, in person and by e-mail, of half of the 10-member Student Network Executive Committee. In the interim, it is necessary to create the first half of the Committee, five members, who will work with me over the next four months to establish connections with students and to implement the Organizational Structure of the Student Network. Therefore, I am asking students interested in taking a leadership position in the Student Network to contact me immediately. We are especially looking for students who have experience working with others on committees, and who are willing to devote time to the development of the Network. These first five members of the Executive Committee will be instrumental in establishing the processes to be used in electing the five additional members, and they will remain on the Executive until June, 2004 when a new group of five will be elected by the Student Network.

To apply to be a member of the Student Network Executive, please download the attached form, complete it, and return it to Katy Evans, Program Coordinator at by 10 February 2003.

Students who have already participated in the in 2002 activities of the Student Network and who meet the term of office requirements are encouraged to apply. The efforts of these students, Nicole Conrad, Tracy Dow, Martha Anne Roberts, and Christine Tsang, made possible the establishment of the Student Network and we are all grateful to them.

I hope that many of you may be interested in participating in the development and expansion of the Student Research Network through taking a leadership position. Should you wish any additional information, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to a fruitful and lively discussion leading toward the establishment of a strong and viable Student Network.


Alice Eriks-Brophy, Ph.D.

HQPC Liaison to the Student Network

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