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Annotated Bibliography on Teacher/Child Interactions with Children who are Deaf in Day Care or Preschool Settings

Through the Network Research Project - Language Stimulation and Intervention in Day Care Centres the following completed annotated bibliography is now available (Dr. Luigi Girolametto and doctoral student Joanne Deluzio).

This link leads to an annotated summary on teacher-child interactions with children who are deaf or hard of hearing in integrated day care or preschool settings. A review of the literature revealed few articles published that directly address this topic. Most of the articles available on the interactions of preschool children who are deaf focus on child-child or mother-child interactions.

However, much of this information is relevant and can be applied to teacher-
child dyads. Each annotation summarizes key findings of the research and
identifies information from the article that can be used to suggest teacher
strategies to facilitate language development and communication with children
who are deaf or hard of hearing in integrated preschool settings.

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