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Congratulations to Dr. Vianne Timmons - Appointed to the SSHRC Council

OTTAWA, August 8, 2021 -- Allan Rock, Minister of Industry and Minister
responsible for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of
Canada (SSHRC), today announced the appointment of Dr. Vianne Timmons to the

Dr. Timmons is the Vice-President, Academic Development at the University of
Prince Edward Island. She received her PhD in Educational Psychology from
the University of Calgary in 1993.

'Dr. Timmons brings an energetic and experienced voice to the Council that
will bolster the ingenuity of SSHRC,' said Minister Rock. 'As someone who
has been involved in education for more than 20 years, Dr. Timmons will help
expand the Council's capacity for innovation for all Canadians, especially
those who need to develop the skills necessary to prosper in the New

'Dr. Timmons brings a combination of academic insight, practical hands-on
experience, and solid leadership that will definitely broaden the
capabilities and resourcefulness of the Council,' added SSRHC president Marc
Renaud. 'A passionate teacher, she brings vigour and enthusiasm that will be
a valuable addition to the Council as we continue with our programs which
benefit all Canadians.'

Members of the SSHRC Board serve without remuneration for a term of three

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is one of 15 Government
of Canada departments and agencies that form the Industry Portfolio. These
organizations are uniquely positioned to further the Government's goal of
building a culture of innovation in all regions of Canada. The Council
supports university-based research and training in the social sciences,
humanities, education and management, and charts directions for Canadian
research in these fields. Its governing body is composed of a full-time
president and up to 22 members appointed by the Governor-in-Council.

Biographical Notes -- Dr. Vianne Timmons

Dr. Timmons spent the first half of her career in education in Western
Canada - working in various academic positions in British Columbia and
Alberta. In 1992, Dr. Timmons joined the Education Department at St.
Francis Xavier University where she eventually became Dean, Faculty of
Education. In July 1996, Professor Timmons became Dean, Faculty of
Education at the University of Prince Edward Island. Dr. Timmons became the
Vice-President, Academic Development at the University of Prince Edward
Island in July 2001 and joined The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network as a Research Project Leader in 2001.

Dr. Timmons' current research focus is on developing effective strategies to
improve the reading and writing skills in adults and youth with low literacy
levels. Previously, she was involved in a number of high-profile projects,
including the site-based management of schools in Nova Scotia and the
integration of technology into school curriculum.

She received a Masters degree in Education in 1983 from Gonzaga University
in Spokane, Washington and a PhD in Educational Psychology from the
University of Calgary in 1993.

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