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Thank you Starbucks for your support!

The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network would like to thank the Starbucks Coffee Company - specifically the London, Ontario stores of Richmond North Chapters (Masonville) and the London Chapters (Wellington Street) for their generous contribution of House Blend coffee samples to each of our conference delegates.

As a promotional item for our conference we distributed two coffee mugs with our logo and Web site address on it to each conference attendee plus in each package Starbucks provided a 1/4 lb. coffee sample. The idea behind our promotion was to help our conference delegates share our science and open minds about the problems of language and literacy deficiencies in Canada's children. We want each of our conference delegates to bring a new individual or organization into the Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network. Currently in Canada there are more than 5 million people with language and literacy deficiencies.

At the Starbucks Coffee Company their two London stores supported our work because their Starbucks Foundation supports that reading is a basic requirement for success in our society. (Following excerpt taken from Starbucks Web site) 'One of Starbucks guiding principles is to contribute positively to our communities and environment. When Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz established The Starbucks Foundation in 1997, he had a vision to help children acquire a powerful tool – literacy. And we’ve been working toward that goal ever since.'

The Starbucks Foundation provides other tools to support literacy development.

Literacy Grants
Many local literacy initiatives serving low-income, at-risk youth receive funding through Opportunity Grants. Of special interest to The Foundation is the participation of Starbucks partners (employees) in literacy efforts. Partners are encouraged to apply for grants on behalf of local community literacy organizations.

Jumpstart In 2001
The Starbucks Foundation made a three-year commitment to support Jumpstart, a non-profit organization that provides one-on-one tutoring to at-risk preschoolers enrolled in Head-Start programs.

For more information about the Starbucks Foundation visit

Next time you visit Starbucks pass along our thank you for supporting literacy development.

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