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Network Researcher and Partners Receive over $1-million for Research Works! for child literacy

Media Release

January 15, 2021

Research Works! for child literacy

The Community-University Research Alliance Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has announced the award of $958,000 to Research Works! for child literacy. The University of Waterloo will contribute an additional $75,000.

Literacy skills are the foundation for academic, occupational, economic, and social success. The goal of Research Works! is to lay the foundation for literacy, from birth to school entry and beyond, by bringing research to bear on the development, implementation, evaluation and improvement of child literacy programs.

Research Works! is a unique collaboration dedicated to closing the gap between high quality research in child literacy and application in Canadian communities. The community co-investigators represent three different “hands-on” models of literacy development. Jan Lubell, Investing in Children, London, represents a community development-collaboration model and has significant involvement in Early Years initiatives in Ontario; Carol McDougall, Read to Me! Nova Scotia Family Literacy Program, represents innovations in hospital-based early literacy programming; and Ellen Richardson, Frontier College, represents national non-formal literacy initiatives with volunteer tutors.

“We will create research tools that can both meet the standards of good science and be used in community settings,” said Kathleen Bloom, Research Works! Director, and faculty member at the University of Waterloo. “We will use communication technology to mobilise child literacy knowledge along the routes of private and public sectors - families, communities, governments, universities, and research resources. Student training through Research Works! will increase our nation’s future research capital.” Dr. Mark Zanna of the Psychology Department, and Dr. Tom Carey, Associate Vice President, Learning Resources and Innovations, are collaborators in the project. Dr. Bloom is a member of the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence.

The four partners have joined forces to create, not simply a research project alone, but a research enterprise that can help shape child literacy across Canada.

For more information contact:

Dr. Kathleen Bloom
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