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Meet the 2003 Postgraduate Scholarship Supplement Award Winners!

The Highly Qualified Personnel Committee (HQPC) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2003 Postgraduate Scholarship Supplement (PSS), and to congratulate their supervisors for their participation in the PSS program. The goal of the program is to reward students for seeking experiences and training beyond their own laboratories and thesis projects, and in ways that support the Networks of Centres of Excellence HQP criteria for our Network:

*The ability to train and retain outstanding researchers in research areas and technologies critical to Canadian productivity, economic growth, public policy and quality of life

*The development of training strategies that promote multidisciplinary and multisectorial research approaches and encourage trainees to consider the economic, social and ethical implications of their work

Please watch this site for HQPC announcements of new funding opportunities and changes to existing programs. Address questions about the PSS program to Dr. Pierre Cormier, HQPC PSS Coordinator. Address suggestions for new programs to Dr. Kathleen Bloom, HQPC Chair.

2003 PSS Award Winners

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