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Call for Letters of Intent 2005


The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network ( is a community of researchers and partners seeking to improve the language and literacy skills of Canadian children.

The Network is funded through the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence Program ( The goal of the NCE Program is "to mobilize Canada's research talent in the academic, private and public sectors and apply it to the task of developing the economy and improving the quality of life of Canadians". NCEs are about impacts.

The broad objectives of our national network are to understand the factors that support the development of good language and literacy skills and to apply this knowledge to improve the language, communication, and literacy skills of Canada's children.

The Network's research program integrates contributions from the many sectors involved in children's language and literacy development, including basic and applied scientists, educators, clinicians, parents and caregivers, and industrial, government and NGO partners. The Network covers a broad spectrum of literacy and language research through a range of projects, organized into five research themes.

Call for Letters of Intent - New Projects

To assist in identifying suitable projects, the Network invites Letters of Intent outlining possible new research projects. Projects which address the following groups of vulnerable children are of particular interest:

  1. Minority language children
  2. Children in immigrant families
  3. Children who require more effective instruction
  4. Aboriginal children

As many as five new research projects may be funded, beginning in the Spring of 2005.


Project Leaders must be eligible to receive funding through the Canadian Research Granting Councils. Research Projects must be relevant to the Network's mandate and must meet the criteria established by the Networks of Centres of Excellence Program and by the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. Priority will be given to projects undertaken in the context of a multidisciplinary research team with appropriate partners. Normally, the Network's contribution to project funding will not exceed $50,000 per annum. Projects which supplement the Network's funding through contributions from partners and other sources are strongly encouraged.

Application Process

Letters of Intent received by January 20, 2021 will be reviewed to assess their suitability and relevance to the Network's objectives. Highly rated applicants will be invited to submit a detailed Research Project Proposal.

Each Letter of Intent should be a maximum of three pages in length (minimum 11-point font), and use the headings described below. Letters should be prepared in Word® or WordPerfect® format, and submitted electronically to: .

Each Letter of Intent must include the following information:

Goals and Objectives

State the problems/issues to be addressed by your project and the specific outcomes that you expect to achieve.

Project Team

Describe the research team, including the project leader, other investigators, highly qualified personnel and confirmed or anticipated partners.

Background Information

Briefly summarize the current state of knowledge relevant to your project, including relevant work completed by members of the project team.

Research Plan

Provide an overview of the approach and methods that will be used in the project.

Timeline and funding required for project

Provide a project timeline, including major milestones, together with a statement of overall funding requirements related to the achievement of these milestones.

Important Dates:

December 23, 2020 - Competition announced

January 20, 2021 - Deadline for submission of Letters of Intent

January 31, 2021 - Invitation for detailed Research Project Proposals

March 4, 2021 - Full proposal deadline

April 1, 2021 - Funding begins for approved projects

For additional information, please contact:

Katy Pocock, Program Coordinator
The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network
c/o The University of Western Ontario
Elborn College, 1201 Western Road
London, ON N6G 1H1

(519) 850-2930

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