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Post Doctoral Research Opportunity

Undetected hearing loss in early childhood can significantly compromise the development of speech, language and literacy, all of which affect later academic performance and psycho-social skills. Recent research implies that Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs may lead to improved functional status for children with a hearing impairment and may lead to savings in the provision of educational and remedial services once the child reaches school age. Evidence on the efficacy of EHDI programs is necessary to evaluate these programs and to determine portenical savings in the costs of remedial and educational services. Such savings might significantly reduce the overall cost of universal screening programs. This post-doctoral research opportunity emerges out of a larger study of the impact of EHDI screening programs for newborns in three Canadian provinces. The objective of the post-doctoral research project is to develop a framework for the economic evaluation of EHDI programs in Canada, which would include costs associated with case finding and rehabilitation, and specific outcomes in the areas of communication, social development and academic placement. Evidence generated will help to assess the value of implementing EHDI programs on a national scale.

Applications should include : a current resume; 3 letters of academic reference; and a 500-word description fo research plans pertinent to the study of health care delivery across diverse settings.

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Peter Coyte

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