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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee has such power and authority to act for the Board on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board where decisions are required to be made and action taken between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors or where the Board has otherwise delegated specific responsibilities to the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall:

Member Association
Martin Walmsley Chair of the Board, Consultant, Industrial expert and former Director, Ontario Premier's Council Technology Fund, TORONTO, ONTARIO
Donald G. Jamieson PhD CEO and Scientific Director, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, LONDON, ONTARIO
Marie-France Menc Business Lawyer; Consultant, NORTH BAY, ONTARIO
Lewis Slotin Former President & COO, MedTech Partners Inc., NEPEAN, ONTARIO
Michael Trudeau Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC

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