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Partners Committee


The Partners Committee (PC) is responsible for developing and implementing a plan to strengthen and advance Network Partnering activities. The plan defines mechanisms for: facilitating effective partnering, developing new partnerships and partnership strategies, and evaluating strengths and weaknesses of partnering activities.


Reporting to the Board of Directors through their Chair, the Partners Committee facilitates the work of the Network through activities which include:

Member Association
Lewis Slotin Chair of the Partners Committee, President & COO, MedTech Partners Inc., NEPEAN, ONTARIO
Mike Benson Executive Director, Ontario Principals' Council, TORONTO, ONTARIO
Barbara Coyle Executive Director, Canadian Child Care Federation, OTTAWA, ONTARIO
Donald G. Jamieson, PhD CEO and Scientific Director, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, LONDON, ONTARIO
Rob Santos Senior Policy Analyst, Policy Development, Research and Evaluation, Healthy Child Manitoba, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA
Dan Sinai Managing Director, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, non-voting, LONDON, ONTARIO

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