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Highly Qualified Personnel Committee

The Committee for the Development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQPC) has three goals:

To increase the number of outstanding researchers, able to conduct research critical to solving problems of language and literacy deficiencies in Canada, HQPC develops and supports programs for:

To increase the transfer of knowledge between laboratory and service delivery, HQPC develops and supports programs for:

In this way, The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network will deliver expertise and evidence-based practice to the public and private sector, thereby increasing the social, economic, and educational opportunities of all Canadians.

Lesly Wade-WoolleyQueen's University, Chair
Andrée Durieux-SmithUniversity of Ottawa, Liaison to the Research Management Committee
Pierre CormierUniversité de Moncton, Member
Sonya SymonsAcadia University, Member
Marcia BarnesUniversity of Guelph, Member
Natacha TrudeauUniversité de Montréal, Member

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