The Logo and Slogan

Remember, the logo and slogan always appear together; they are never separated.

The Dialogue Bubble

Use the dialogue bubble to indicate a response area, as in the example below.


This “Learning Children” photograph, showing children benefiting from our research, may be used with the approval of The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network’s communications department.

For permission, contact Melanie Slade at 519.850.2524 or melanie@CLLRNet.ca.

The Science Circle

Shown below, the science circle shows the network of science engaged in improving language and literacy.

Add the science circle to visually identify a title, topic or heading. Put the title, topic or heading alongside the open circle.

The science circle should always bleed off two edges of the page (top and side). There should be only one open circle, and the smaller dots must be solid (in contrast to the open circle).


Hexagons must always be accompanied by their theme names.

Always use the official colours of each hexagon – don’t substitute others.

Hexagons can be used in any combination as long as they adjoin each other (but not overlap).