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In my clinical research program, we investigate the cognitive mechanisms and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and co occurring disorders. Our methods allow us to determine the independence of the cognitive processes, the specificity of their association with each disorder, and the effects of stimulant medication. Our collaborative initiative with the Toronto District Board of Education investigates the most effective treatment for a difficult to treat group of children with combined ADHD and reading disorder. These two disorders are important, not only because of their prevalence and long term negative outcome, but also because they pose critical questions for child development - the relations among genetic, biological, and environmental factors.

The language and culture of my heritage is passed on to me orally. it's a different way off learning than how I am taught at school. How do I keep my traditional culture alive while learning to read and being immersed in the majority culture?

Reading is the core of learning and staying in school . improving reading skills with young Aboriginal children can open up the doors to future prospects.

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