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Peter C. Coyte holds a CHSRF/CIHR Health Services Research Chair with regional co-sponsorship support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. He is first President of the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR), and Past President of its organizational precursor, the Canadian Health Economics Research Association (CHERA). With Professor Patricia McKeever, he is Co-Director of the CIHR/Change Foundation Strategic Research and Training Alliance entitled, "Health Care, Technology, and Place". In these capacities, he cultivates mentoring networks for junior researchers and senior faculty, and cultivates knowledge translation relationships with government, industry, and community health care stakeholders. Professor Coyte is a national and international expert in the areas of health economics, health policy and health services evaluation and planning. His studies and reports have included the measurement of regional variations in health service utilization, evaluations of the cost-effective provision of health care services, and assessments of health service finance, delivery and organization for organizations and governments both in Canada and internationally. Coyte's most recent report, "Blueprint for Comprehensive Primary Health Care Reform in Ontario" is being examined by the Ontario government as detailed plan for creating multi-disciplinary primary health care teams and eliminating fee-per-service billing. Health system restructuring and rapid technological developments in Canada have triggered a dramatic shift towards the delivery of ambulatory, home-based, and more recently, internet-based health care ("eHealth"). This dispersion of health care services to the places where Canadians live, work, and attend school has major social and health services repercussions. However, while restructuring has been rapid and ubiquitous, research and research capacity to assess the impacts implications of such change has been lacking in Canada. Coyte's CHSRF/CIHR Chair has been designed to address this gap. In the past three years, the Chair has generated a growing body of research evidence and a growing network of colleagues, students, and industry and policy partners who use evidence to inform decision-making in the financing, delivery, and organization of home and community care.

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